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Spa Treatments

Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Appointments: Contact the Front Desk or Reservations or the Spa directly at (831) 658-0158. Limited appointment times available, please call in advance to ensure availability of your preferred time and/or to make a reservation. Prices listed below are subject to change without notice.

After Hours: Appointments available after hours based on availability. Additional $20 service charge. Advance notice required.

In-Room Massages: Please call for an appointment. Additional $20 service charge. Advance notice required.

Cancellation Policy: Four hours advance notice required to avoid penalty equal to session fee for no-show or $30 for late cancellations.


30 minutes (back & neck/or foot) $70.00
60 minutes $90.00

Pre-Natal - 60 minutes



90 minutes $120.00
2 hours $165.00
Deep Tissue +$15.00
Aromatherapy Oils +$15.00

Aesthetic Facial (45 Minutes)                                 

                    with extractions                         




Spa Treatments


Nirvana Massage

A shoulder, neck & facial massage.  Hot, hydrating towels wrap your face while your shoulders, neck & face are massaged with essential oils and aroma spritz.  Excellent for both men and women.

0 Minutes                      $70.00

Nirvana Massage & Full Body Massage

spa treatment combining a Full Body Aromatherapy massage with the benefits of the Nirvana Massage.

90 Minutes                     $140.00

Nirvana Massage and Aroma Wrap

A special treatment for your face and body.  A totally relaxing and restorative experience.  A gentle, dry brushing exfoliates the skin, followed by a warm cocoon wrap treatment completed with a Nirvana Massage.

90 Minutes                     $140.00

Add the Feather Light Leg Treatment!      $30.00

 Aroma Wrap and Full Body Massage

A gentle, dry brushing exfoliates the skin and prepares it for a soothing Full Body Aromatherapy Massage.  Following your relaxing massage, you are wrapped in a warm cocoon while your face, neck and feet are massaged.  This is an exquisite treatment as well as therapeutic.

90 Minutes                $140.00 dd the Feather Light Leg Treatment!      $30.00

 Wraps and Scrubs

Aroma Wrap, Full Body Massage and Nirvana Massage

The ultimate spa experience for the person who deserves to pamper themselves to the fullest.  This treatment gives all of the rejuvenating and  therapeutic qualities a spa treatment has to offer.

120 Minutes                    $190.00

AromaRemedy Sea Salt Glow and Full Body Massage

This exfoliating sea salt body scrub with Aromatherapy activates the skin’s natural functions and helps to purify the body.  Firms and Moisturizes.  Aromafloria Product. (Offered in-room only)

 90 Minutes                      $165.00

Marina Dunes Warming Sugar Polish and Full Body Massage

This mango-ginger scented sugar polish will warm your body while softening your skin.  This service combined with a full body massage is just what you need to relax and pamper yourself before a busy day in Monterey. 

Aromafloria Product (Offered in-room only)

 90 Minutes                      $165.00

Monterey Bay Salt Scrubs and Full Body Massage

Choose one of the following salt scrubs to awaken your skin’s senses:

v      Rehydrating Kiwi Coconut Salt Scrub

 v      Restoring Lemongrass Sugar Salt Scrub

 v      Anti-Aging Pomegranate Salt Scrub

 Or for more sensitive skin try the:

v      Moisturizing Honey Papaya Nut Meal Exfoliant

 Combined with a full body massage this treatment will leave your body and skin feeling amazing.

Aromafloria Product (Offered in-room only)

 90 Minutes                      $165.00

East Meets West


 Yin Massage

Promotes  condensing, cooling, calming sensitivity, feeling and receptive serenity.  Using roman chamomile, lavender, spikenard, ylang ylang, and frankicense.

60 Minutes                      $90.00

Yang Massage

Promotes expansion, warmth, expressive, confidence, energizing, and excitement.  Using ginger, jasmine, coriander, and cedar wood.

60 Minutes                      $90.00

5-Elements Massage

(contains essential oils representing each element)

Juniper-Yin water, Bay Laurel– Yang fire element, Bergamot– Yang wood element.  Cardamom– Yin earth element.  Cypress– Yin metal element.

90 Minutes                      $140.00

Green Tea Bamboo Crème Glow Polish & Full Body Massage

This  earthy green tea bamboo polish will act as an antioxidant for your skin.  This  treatment combined with a full body massage will  leave you just glowing.    Aromafloria product. (Offered in-room only)

 90 Minutes                      $165.00

 Seasonal Special Spa Treatments
Inquire about our seasonal special wraps, including:
* Winter Warmth Wrap
* Spring Rejuvenation Wrap
* Summer Fog, Sand & Sea Wrap
* Fall Harvest Nature Wrap
Each wrap features a featured scent or benefit befitting the season.
45 minutes: $65


Add on Treatments:

* Feather Light Leg Treatment

This relaxing beneficial treatment stimulates leg circulation making your legs feel fresh and revived.  Includes a leg and foot dry brush exfoliation, invigorating gel rub and finishes with a cream foot and leg massage. 

Add-on service   $30.00

* Scalp Treatment
Warm oils are massaged into the scalp, invigorating the follicle and promoting hair growth.
Add-on service   $25.00